Private is a part of photographic series, that respond to the offensive behaviour towards LGBT movement by polish government itself. First published in the GOAT Magazine issue no2.

In the end of February President of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski singed declaration aiming for anti-discrimination and sex education in every school, including issues of psychosexual identity and gender identity, consistent with the standards and guidelines of the World Health Organization. This event was a starting point for ruling party to begin war towards LGBT movement and openly encourage for hateful speech.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski who is current leader for Low and Justice (PiS) is acknowledge this action as an “attack on the polish family and children”. Poland’s commissioner for children’s rights has criticised the project as unconstitutional for attempting to reduce the influence of parents over how their children are educated. Polish Marshal of the Senate Stanislaw Karczewski posted in social media image which present family under the umbrella with the logo of the ruling party, ‘protecting’ itself from the rainbow rain, followed by declaration ‘We will protect Polish families’.

PiS is well known for its conservative and christian believes. It runs a policy of hatred and division of society. Back in 2015 party swaps back to power and won the elections by promising protection from Middle East refugees showing them as invaders, now Mr Kaczynski has classify a new threat: gay people, and showing it as an danger for children.

It is only 52 years since homosexuality become legal in England and it took many years of fight against strong discrimination until LGBT community gain it rights in the UK. Even though England clarified as a leader in the ranking of the best place to live according to ILGA it still have a problem with equality education.

Parents protested in couple schools in Birmingham  saying that the program, No Otsiders, clashes with their religious believes. Primary school that taught pupils about same sex relationships had to stopped the classes after hundreds of children were withdrawn by the parents.
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