My artistic expression is often based on the history of art in combination with observations of contemporary society.
Botticelli’s painting ‘Birth of Venus’ is the inspiration for my current series of paintings titled ‘Birth of the Goddess”. The figures I have chosen to represent the goddesses are taken from modern times and are removed from the divinity and splendour of Botticelli’s masterpiece in order to portray them as ordinary women of the 21st century.
I do believe it is a moment where women are finally finding empowerment and it is important
to me that I use my paintings to capture this important change in society.

In this my first painting of the series ‘Birth of the Venus of Willendorf’, the colour blue is predominant with slightly broken orange in the sky and warm tones to the body of the Venus figure.

The lowering clouds and the rhythmic wave pattern give added dynamic  to the painting whilst the the plump, naked figure in the floral swim hat clutching the oversized shell adds humorous tone and responds to the question ‘what is on the head of the Venus of Willendorf?’.
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